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Planning Trips Without the Kids

Planning Trips Without the Kids

When you are going away, you have to be organised. When you head off without your little ones, you have to be even more organised!

First thing is first - be very clear about timings with whoever is having the kids. Give them a lot of fore warning by thinking about the following:

  1. What date and time do you go away?
  2. What date and time will you be returning?
  3. Do they know what time to be at pre-school/school?
  4. What is their bedtime routine?
  5. Have you passed on babysitter contacts in case they need to go out?

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Also giving simple information such as favourite foods and simple likes or dislikes will help create a smoother the process for everyone. It’s really important to help the carers establish familiar routines, as the children will settle in far quicker and be less home sick if their meal times and bedtime rituals are the same as normal. Don’t forget to give doctors numbers and, of course, your holiday contact details!

Telling Stories

For little ones, it’ll be easier for them to understand the concept of mummy and daddy going away and, most importantly, coming back in the form of a story. At bedtime you could make up tales using their names and their favourite cartoon character, imaginary friend, or who ever else is flavour of the month. Explain that they’re going off on a big adventure and then coming home.

It might feel easier if you frame the situation as if they are the ones leaving and then coming back. Talk about them going on an exciting holiday to stay with Granny, Auntie or whoever they’re going to see. Doesn’t it always feels better to be the one leaving instead of being left behind?

Hide the Anxiety

If you’re anxious, try to hide any worries you might have. Instead follow Point 2 and frame the whole experience as an exciting adventure. Kids, even babies, will pick-up and run with any emotions you have so try and make them positive!

Parental Guilt Be Gone!

Try not to have parental guilt whilst you are away. As a parent you are on call 24-hours a day, a holiday away is precious time for you and your partner to unwind. If you are a single parent then this is even more true, and if you’re in a couple then the time you spend on each other revitalising your relationship will be the best thing you can do for your kids.

That said, if you feel very uneasy about leaving your little ones, especially if they are very small, then acknowledge whether it is the right time for you to go.

Heading off without your kids can be stressful, but making sure you are organized and make yourself and your little ones feel comfortable in the process then you will be set for a relaxing

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