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New in: Babymoov

New in: Babymoov

New in at Natural Baby Shower is Babymoov, a brand started by 3 students with some babies.

Babymoov Cosysleep
As a mum of a baby who would only sleep on her front (and still only does now at 3) I know the challenges that parent and child face when this is the preference, not sleeping well in the car/buggy for example. In my mind I felt her uncomfortable moses basket mattress was part of the reason behind this so when I saw the babymoov sleep solutions it was like my thoughts had been turned into reality. Now 7 weeks away from the arrival of baby no.2 and I am ready to give this sleeping on the back another whirl (second baby is going to be in the car seat and buggy a lot more that my first was while we ferry his/her sister around to her various clubs and commitments). I have gone for the Babymoov Cosysleep. I will report back in approx 12 weeks on how this is going!

babymoov Anatomical Reducer Cushion £25

Anatomical Reducer Cushion from babymoov – Specially designed to give optimum comfort for newborns. This anatomical cushion has been specially designed by babymoov to offer additional support and comfort for babies – the universal design adapts to most cots, bouncers and car seats, with flexible openings that can be used with 2, 3 or 5 point harnesses. The gentle padded fabric is designed to maintain back position, with an ergonomic headrest to help avoid flat-head syndrome. The visco-elastic memory foam used in the cushion reduces pressure on the body, whilst the ultra-soft micro air permeable tissue increases ventilation to the head, back and neck ensuring baby is kept cool and comfortable.

Babymoov CosymatThe Cosymat is made from extremely comfortable material and is an ergonomic shape, ensuring comfort for baby. The cosymat is extremely simple to use, simply place it underneath the slip cover. It also has a removable cover to allow for easy washing.

Babymoov Cosypad Babymoov Cosypad - This unique sleep positioner has re-positionable and removable positioning rolls to prevent baby rolling over, whilst providing ultra comfort with a thin, supportive mattress. The Cosypad uses Flex System technology to adapt perfectly to the babies form, and to their preferred sleeping position. Provides the perfect support for babies on their back, or on their side (if recommended by the doctor.)
Made with soft and breathable fabrics, the Cosypad is an innovative sleep positioner.

Babymoov CosysleepThe babymoov Cosysleep is a complete sleep-positioner designed to provide outstanding support and comfort

The Cosysleep is designed to put baby in the ideal sleeping position, with the back supported and legs slightly elevated. The positioning roll/leg bolster, filled with micro balls, is removable, whilst the head rest (which will help avoid flat head syndrome) is built in. It can also help soothe baby by creating a smaller, more snug, space to sleep in. The ultra soft and comfortable sleep positioner is made with shape memory-foam to adapt perfectly to the shape of baby’s body.

Babymoov Lovenest

The babymoov Lovenest is an ergonomic and patented head rest for a well-rounded head!

The Lovenest is created and patented by a French pediatrician and designed to be supportive and comfortable, thanks to its specific heart- shape. It fits with any bed, bouncer, carrycots and pushchairs – it can also be used in the maternity hospital.
The inclination and shape of the head rest guarantee that the pressure is distrubuted over the childs skull (meaning all pressure does not press on the back of the head, helping to prevent flat head without disturbing any comfort or movement during sleep.)


Babymoov ErgonestThe babymoov Ergonest is the reverse crib wedge that you can adapt to your baby's regurgitations, whilst keeping baby in the optimal position. You change the tilt with a single move.
The Ergonest is designed to adapt to your baby's regurgitations & depending on their reflux - you can go from 15°- 25° in a single move! There is also a harness on the 25° wedge to ensure babies safety.
It is a non-slip system, with a removable positioning roll filled with microballs. The edges are quilted to ensure babies safety, and the foam provides ultra comfort.

Also in from Babymoov is a collection of baby monitors, ranging from £29.99 through to £160.00 there is something for every parents different needs.


Babymoov expert care monitor

Why a low emission monitor?

It is a concern that there is evidence that babies are more sensitive electromagnetic waves because their brain, which is still developing, absorbs 60% more waves than the brain of an adult. As more and more studies seem to prove that there is a relationship between wave exposure and the onset of health issues, this is concerning. Our babies are the very first generation to be exposed to waves at a very young age!
With this in mind, in 2008 Babymoov was the first brand to take this issue into account the issue of waves in designing their baby monitors and apply the precautionary approach. As Babymoov use analogue technology rather than DECT baby monitors, their baby monitors perform emission power levels far below the 10mW standard set for baby monitor technology – 1.25mW.
In 2012, Babymoov were further able to innovate a brand new technology, Digital Green. Thereby combinging the performance of digital technology (as it has zero interfence) with the safety of low-emission power levels. Once more, waves emitted at 2.99mW, far before the 25mW designed for this technology.


Easy Care Baby Monitor from babymoov – designed with low wave emissionsBabymoov Easy Care Monitor

Checking baby, especially when he/she is asleep, is essential for parents. Some are reassured if they can hear it if it cries, others also need to see it. To meet everyone’s needs babymoov offer audio and/or visual monitors that focus on performance and baby’s health.

This low emission (1.25mW) baby monitor has two alarms, both visual and audio.



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