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New Baby Essentials.

Little things that do a lot.

There’s a secret that no-one tells you about babies: they don’t need much. Love, food and cosiness is pretty much all they’re interested in. So why is baby shopping so complicated?

The truth is that while babies are simple (sort of), modern life is not. Which is why a few well-chosen purchases can make the whole thing so much easier. When you’re shopping for the new little person in your life, it definitely helps to keep this in mind.  That way, you can focus on finding natural, good quality items that make sense for you, and avoid buying a lot of things you won’t use.

Here’s a quick overview to get you started.


As well as a cot or co-sleeper, most parents set up a daytime nap station too, for example a Moses basket in the living room. You’ll need bedding for these, usually two sets of sheets and one or two swaddles or sleeping bags. For peace of mind, our low-emission baby monitors give you the best of both worlds. And popper-free sleep gowns make changing so easy, they might just sleep through it.

Tip: Our sleep positioners are a handy way to prevent flat-head syndrome or comfort babies with reflux. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.


Onesies, sleepsuits (or sleepgowns) and a couple of hats are the essentials here, with more layers depending on the time of year. Half a dozen sets should be good to start with (especially as clothes are a top choice for gifts — so you might end up with more than you bargained for).

Tip: for newborns, tops and onesies with snaps are much easier than ones you pull on.


The basics are a car seat, a buggy and a baby carrier. You might also want to think about accessories like fleeces, covers and a toy or two to keep them entertained. We’ll be stocking buggies soon in our new showroom, a great excuse to come and visit.

Nappies and changing

Do we recommend cloth nappies? Of course we do! We stock different types and it’s all much easier than you think (even eco disposables end up in landfill, so cloth really makes a difference). We also have take-you-anywhere changing bags, lovely soft changing mats — and other essentials like bins and laundry bags. 


Newborns don’t need any toiletries for the first few months — washing with water is fine. A couple of super-soft towels (we love Cuddledry) will make bath time extra snuggly.


If you’re breastfeeding, the good news is the kit is already supplied, but you might want to look into a pump and a couple of bottles so someone else can take a feed. Muslins are brilliant multi-taskers — pick up a dozen and you’ll use them as burp cloths, nursing covers and impromptu playmats.


Some people like to invest in matching items for a whole nursery, or you might want to start with a cot and work up from there. Then there are other items like nursing chairs, which some mums find really helpful. They can be expensive, so look out for hand-me-downs or eBay bargains.


Toys, books, mobiles and playmats are fun to buy, but don’t forget people will buy them as gifts. Why not wait until after the birth and see what you need?

Something for you

While you’re buying for your baby, don’t forget to pick up something nice for you, like some pretty nursing pyjamas, lovely hand cream or a glam changing bag. Being a mum is hard work, so you definitely deserve it.

Not sure what you need?

We always say, start with the absolute essentials. If you need something else after the baby’s born, we can whisk it over within 24 hours. Takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?

Need more help?

Ask about our personal shopper service (otherwise known as chat and a cup of tea in our nice shop).

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