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Choosing a Sleeping Bag... right size and weight.

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Merino of course!

We love Merino sleeping bags and can’t recommend them enough.From tip to toe, there’s nothing synthetic here — just soft, natural fibres that help regulate your baby’s temperature. So while your little one stays snug, you can sleep easier knowing they’re not overheating.

They might not be the cheapest option, but they’re a best seller with us as they really earn their keep. They also make a wonderful gift for new parents (the gift of sleep). They don’t have a Tog rating (that’s about synthetic stuffing), so we’ve put together a temperature guide to help you choose which one you need. Or get in touch if you need some advice.Merino for sleeping bags... natural choice

Brand Variation Sizes available Room Temperature
For Use
Material Travel Slots*
Merino Kids Standard Weight Baby (3months -2 years)
toddler (2years - 4 years)
18-27 ºC Superfine merino inner, organic cotton outer Yes
Merino Kids Duvet Weight Baby (3 months -2years)
toddler (2 years - 4years)
16-20 ºC Superfine merino inner, organic cotton outer Yes
Merino Kids Winter Weight Baby (3 months -2 years)
toddler (2 years - 4 years)
14-20 ºC Merino fleece inner, organic cotton outer Yes
Merino Kids Cocooi Newborn – 3 months Room temperature recommended for newborns 100% superfine merino Yes
Bambino Merino Standard sleeping bag Baby (3months -2 years)
toddler (2years - 4 years)
17-27 ºC merino inner, cotton outer No
Bambino Merino Travel sleeping bag Baby (3 months -2 years)
toddler (2 years - 4 years)
17-27 ºC merino inner, cotton outer Yes
Bambino Merino Travel winter bag Baby (3months -2 years)
toddler (2years - 4 years)
15-20 ºC merino inner, cotton outer Yes
Nurtured by Nature   (3 months -2 years) 17-27 ºC 100% superfine merino No
Superlove 100% merino Newborn (8lbs) – 2 years + 16-27 ºC 100% superfine merino Yes
Superlove Sleep Bag Newborn (8lbs) – 2 years + 16-27 ºC Superfine merino inner, organic pima cotton outer Yes

*These are small slots in the front and the back of the sleeping bag, which allow for a belt to pass through. This allows a seamless transition between cars, prams and cots.

Choosing the right size.

Brand Sleeping Bag Age Recommendation Length(approx) Shoulder Poppers* Under Arm**
Merino Kids Baby Size 3 months  – 2 years 86cm Right shoulder poppers
Merino Kids Toddler Size 2 years - 4years 104cm Right shoulder Poppers
Merino Kids Cocooi/newborn Newborn – 3months 64cm None None
Bambino Merino Baby Size 3 months  – 2 years 95cm Both shoulders Poppers
Bambino Merino Toddler size 2 years - 4years 116cm None None
Nurtured by Nature One Size 3 months  – 2 years 91cm Right shoulder Ties
Superlove One Size Newborn (8lbs) – 2years + 95cm Both shoulders Poppers

*Shoulder Poppers: Shoulder poppers allow for easier access in and out of the bag.
**Under Arm: These are fixtures under the arm. Some sleeping bags have poppers or ties which allow for you to make the arm holes smaller whilst the baby is smaller.
Layering underneath sleeping bags


Nursery Temperature°C Layering Guide
24 – 27
  • Nappy Only
  • A short sleeve cotton bodysuit or vest
21 - 24
  • One Layer of cotton
  • One layer of lighter weight Merino ( <200gsm)
14 - 20
  • One of long sleeve, full length heavier merino layer (higher than 200gsm)
  • two layers of long sleeve (including one full length layer) lightweight merino ( <200gsm)
  • two layers of long sleeve (including one full length layer)  cotton.

Please note this is a guide only, check your baby behind the neck or on the stomach to ensure they are not too warm or cold.



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