What Stage Car Seat Do You Need?

When it’s time to buy a car seat for your little one, the breadth and variety of choices – from styles, to brands, to stages – can make things a bit confusing. One of the things a lot of parents find difficult is understanding which stage of car seat applies to their baby’s height and weight.

Here, we’ll take a look at infant carriers, first stage, and second stage car seats, and what age range they suit. We have a huge range of car seat brands to choose from, but the standard measurements and stages stay the same. Once you are armed with this knowledge, the decision making should become much simpler!

Infant Carriers

For use from birth until baby is 15kgs

An infant carrier is most likely what you will take your newborn home in. They are rear-facing which research shows it is the safest position for babies to travel in. You can learn more about why to choose rear-facing car seats throughout your child’s growth in our blog Why Choose Rear-Facing Car Seats? 

Infant carriers are also the integral part of a larger travel system, designed to be attached to a pushchair chassis.  This means you can transport baby easily, with little overall distraction to them. However, it is suggested that you do not leave newborns in a car seat for more than 30 minutes, and babies more than 2 hours – the position they are seated in can restrict their breathing.

Our Range of Infant Carriers

Our infant carrier selection includes:

Cybex Aton Q and Aton Q i-Size                         Cybex Cloud Q


              gb Idan                                        Kiddy Evo-luna i-Size                                    




First Stage Car Seats

For use from 9-12 months until baby is 4 years old

First stage car seats are for little ones to use from between nine and 12 months up until the age of four. These seats can be used up until baby is 18kg. Car seat laws are changing as of 2018, with a new regulation called i-Size – this is a safety standard that requires children to be rear-facing until the age of four, running alongside the current R44/04 law. 

You will also need an ISOFIX base that is compatible with your car seat to use i-Size. All car seat manufacturers have their own specific ISOFIX base, which you can purchase from us. If you bought your car after 2011 it will come with ISOFIX capability as standard. Please note: you must check the compatibility of your car with your car seat before purchase – we can help with that, just give us a call!

Our Range of First Stage Car Seats

Our first stage car seat collection includes:

      Cybex Sirona M2 i-Size                                 gb Vaya i-Size

        BeSafe Izi Kid X2 i-Size                         Kiddy Phoenixfix 3



Second Stage Car Seats

For use from 4 years until 12 years old

Second stage car seats can be used when you child is between 15-36kg, which is about the age of 4 until 12 years old. These stage seats do not have a harness as seen on infant carriers and first stage seats – they utilise the car’s seatbelt and act as more of a booster seat. This should be used until the child is the correct height for the car’s own seat. 

Our Range of Second Stage Car Seats

Our second stage car seat collection includes:

           gb Elian-Fix                                       Cybex Solution M-Fix



          Cybex Solution Q3-Fix                      Kiddy Cruiserfix 3 


We know it can be confusing, which is why we’re here to give you a helping hand to make your choice. Just give our super friendly team a call on 01276 408494 and we’ll talk you through it - or pop in to store where we can demo and fit your car seat for you! Check our Store Page to learn more about when our brand new showroom will be open.