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The Best Baby Change Bags for Autumn & Winter

The Best Baby Change Bags for Autumn & Winter

Natural Baby Shower features it’s beautiful collections in this season’s hottest baby change bags available in this A/W15 round up.

I published earlier in the year my top picks for the essential baby change bag which you can read here but as it is one of my most frequently asked questions I wanted to bring you the latest in Autumn & Winter options to bring you right up to speed with the latest baby change bags to the market.

Finding the perfect change bag is one of the hardest purchases you will make as a mum to be. (I find it hard enough to choose what to have for dinner when I am pregnant!) They are a real investment purchase, however your change bag will be with you every day, for a couple of years and for further justification you can always use it again with your next baby should you have one.

Here are some of the most stylish options across a range of budgets to help you adjust to swapping out your handbag for the essential baby change bag.

Pacapod Jasper in Chestnut £250 

Jasper Pacapod Bag

Babymel Grace Grey Change Bag £65

Babymel Grace Grey


Storksak Catherine Leather Change Bag in Almond £250 


Egg Change Bag in Forest Green - £80

Egg Petrol Blue


Alternatively, a cost friendly option if you had a large bag already which would suit being used as a baby change bag (large inside, long enough handles to go over the pram and either leather or splash proof nylon material) would be to get an insert.

If you aren’t able to go into store to have a good feel around your short list of bags I would really recommend using YouTube to watch what other people think of their changing bags as it will give you an invaluable insight into the dimensions and usability of the bag – I know loads of people who buy online then get it in their hands and it’s just not the right size or has too many compartments etc. One of my bag review videos can be found here. (Check out those chins at 38 weeks preggo!)