Ready for Spring? Stunning New Swaddles from aden + anais

It may still be a bit grey and gloomy outside, but we’re bringing some joy and brightness to your little ones with some stunning new swaddle, bandana bib and dream blanket prints from aden + anais.

From the adorable hues of springtime seen in the Metallic Primrose Birch to the hipster cool of the Lovestruck motifs, we’ve got something for every budding personality. Here, we’ll delve into the new patterns so you can choose the set that perfectly encapsulates your tiny tot.

New to the Metallic Range -  Blue Moon and Primrose Birch

The aden + anais metallic range has been flying off the shelves, so we are very excited to introduce two new collections – the Blue Moon Birch and Primrose Birch. Available as a pack featuring three beautiful designs – dotwork-style triangles, a mottled patchwork motif and a simple horizontal stripe.

Birch collection - primrose and blue

We love the two colour schemes too! The Primrose uses a sunrise-inspired mix of pale orange, pink, and gold, and the Blue Moon brings spring nights inside with grey, silver and, cerulean blue. 

Leader of the Pack

For pint-sized adventurers, the Leader of the Pack muslin swaddle collection – available as a pack of four lovely prints – features eye-catching primary colours underpinned with grey giving it a contemporary edge.

Leader of the Pack swaddle

Scattered triangles, cute illustrated lions, a simple block grey stripe, and a French-style bicycle motif reminds us of the big, wide world outside – something we hope to enjoy more of when the sun comes out! Also available as a Snap Bib and Bandana Bib! 

Berry Shibori

Summer days on the beach, the sand in between your toes and the sound of your little beachcomber giggling – the idyllic vision in most parents’ heads as they grow tired of the winter blues.

Berry Shibori swaddle

The Berry Shibori muslin swaddle collection, available in a 3 pack, has a sixties Ibiza-style charm featuring bohemian tie-dye hues of dark to pale pink. Also available as a cosy Dream Blanket! 


Another gorgeous muslin swaddle design collection, the Thistle prints are rich with teal, dark blue and a deep red. These striking colours are calmed with grey, turquoise and dusty pink and showcase gorgeous motifs, including a sleepy owl, mischievous hedgehog, comforting floral and a horizontal stripe.

Thistle swaddle collection


We adore the springtime vibes of these patterns and can’t wait to see our customers’ little owls wrapped up in them! 


These cute sketch-style Lovebird prints showcase some truly on-trend styles. The birdcage theme in pink, yellow, and pale beach works together with the dot swaddle, and the equally cute doodled heart pattern compliments the quirky owl and bird design.

Lovebird swaddle collection

Whether they get seen together or singularly, the Lovebird collection is a novel and memorable mix of beautiful colours and cute decoration. Also available as a Snap Bib and Bandana Bib! 


Now for something a little more unusual. If you’re looking for something a bit more interesting for your little one, the eccentric, hipster-inspired prints in the Lovestruck collection are just the thing for contemporary parents. Looking to kit your baby out with a more unconventional style? Look no further!

Lovestruck swaddle design

Silvery-grey skull and crossbones, black and grey Aztec, black and white stripe, and a beautifully intricate crossed arrow design with the word ‘love’, make for some truly innovative designs that can add a spark of hipster quirk to your family of trendsetters. Also available as a Dream Blanket and Bandana Bib!




Which one is your favourite?
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