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Parent Approved Review = Cuddledry Hooded Towel ✅

Parent Approved Review = Cuddledry Hooded Towel ✅

The Cuddledry hooded bath towel collection is designed for toddlers (1-3 years) and children (3-6 years). These gorgeously cute towels are all made with two full layers of cashmere-soft organically grown cotton/bamboo mix towelling which is kind to skin, especially if your little ones skin is sensitive or eczema prone. These unique towels come in lots of fun themes such as dinosaur or panda, they are designed to encourage creative play and make getting out of the bath a treat rather than a challenge. But to find out if they really do the job we gave one to 3 of our parent testers to put the towel through rigorous testing. Here is what they thought...

Cuddledry hooded towels


Parent Tester 1 - Emilia Warren

Firstly I would like to thank Natural Baby Shower for choosing us for the opportunity to review and keep such a lovely product! The packaging used for delivery from Natural Baby Shower was recyclable (thumbs up) and clearly did the job as the Cuddledry box was pristine inside, which would be really important had I been buying as a gift!  

Cuddledry parent review

Cuddledry bunny towel review
Cuddledry hooded towel

The Cuddledry towel itself was much larger and softer than I expected, in the past hooded towels I have bought for Emilia have been smaller than a usual towel but this one has plenty of length to wrap little ones up and keep them warm when scooping them out of the bath. Emilia is a real fuss pot and hates dressing gowns, coats, towels or any heavy layers in general (yes she is THAT child) but this towel is particularly light weight, which I originally thought would mean it wouldn't be as efficient but its actually much better than any children's towels I have used at getting her dry quickly! Due to the lightweight and soft feel, Emilia has been running around in the towel, with the little pink bunny ears flapping behind her long after she has dried.  

Cuddledry cuddle roar parent review

Cuddlery hooded towel

A big pro to this towel is the popper around the neck, it makes putting it on a lot easier than the hooded towels that needs to be placed over the head and pulled down (I always end up dunking those in the water). You can wrap this around the child just like a usual towel and then do the popper up just before they escape across the landing. 

Cuddledry Cuddlebunny Bath Towel

Cuddledry Cuddlebunny Child Bath Towel

The bunny towel is now the only towel up to Emilia's standards and I fear we may have to get another for when this one is in the wash (which by the way is another pro, it is still just as soft after a few washes)! A massive thumbs up from us on all accounts, I wish we could offer some constructive criticism but its fab! 


Parent Tester 2 - Jessica Fitchett

When our Cuddledry towel arrived (speedy delivery), it arrived packaged perfectly and Maison loved how on the box there was a picture of the panda. You can see what product you were getting from the box so there was no surprises. The fact that it made it clear that it was made out of bamboo, made it all the more appealing. Maison couldn't wait to get into the box and once we opened it, wow just wow! The softness and quality of the towel was just amazing! Maison’s reaction was "Mumma put it on me, I be panda". 

Cuddledry Cuddlepanda Child Bath Towel

Cuddledry Cuddlepanda Child Bath Towel

It was definitely a lot bigger than I expected which was such a positive for us as Maison is very tall for his age so getting a towel to fit him has always been a struggle! Toddler ones in the past never seem to go past his thigh! But this Cuddledry towel goes to the floor and beyond and it is so thick! It literally dries him instantly!

I would recommend this product to anyone - it is cute but also very durable for what the purpose of the product is. The fact there is a metal snapper under the neck, to keep the hood/ towel in place, makes it different to other towels we have tried in the past. This has got to be one of the best features about the product, not only does it mean the hood/ towel stays where it should, it also means Maison can air dry if he doesn't want to dry straight after the bath, which is normally the case, even more so now he is a panda!

Cuddledry Cuddlepanda Child Bath Towel parent review

Lastly, the design is spot on! We chose the panda as we love mono in this house but when we opened the box I was surprised at the detail for a towel. The little panda details are lush and it even has a little tail. What more could you want?

Cuddledry Cuddlepanda Child Bath Towel Parent Review

Now we have a Cuddledry towel there will be no going back to any other towel company. This is by far the best towel we have ever owned and cannot speak highly enough of its quality. No negatives whatsoever, I mean if you owned one yourself you would realise how amazing this product is! 

Cute product that actually does its job too! Safe to say Maison absolutely adores it!


Parent Tester 3 - Jessica Hyde

We were so excited when our Cuddledry Cuddle Roar Toddler bath towel arrived! It was beautiful packaged and would make such a beautiful gift! 

Cuddledry CuddleRoar Toddler Towel Parent Review

We have been using our bath towel for the last month and it’s become a definite favourite at bath time! 

The towel is a great size so definitely won’t be outgrown anytime soon, and the bamboo cotton mix means the towel is incredibly soft and super absorbent! The boys have baby eczema and it’s been perfect for their sensitive skin! 

 Cuddledry CuddleRoar Toddler Towel Parent Review

Cuddledry CuddleRoar Toddler Towel Parent Review

Cuddledry CuddleRoar Toddler Towel Parent Review

Initially I would say the price may have put me off purchasing the towel however using the towel has completely changed my opinion and you are paying for pure quality and it really shows, our towel still looks as good as new after an intense month trial with three boys putting it through its paces and I will definitely be purchasing two more! 

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