Close Caboo DXgo Carrier Review

The Caboo DXgo is commonly thought to be the next stage carrier to the popular Close Caboo. The DXgo completes the Close Caboo family to provide the perfect Caboo Carrier for every stage and age of your little one. Close Caboo DXgo strikes the perfect balance between comfort and practicality with it’s light, portable and compact design, making it the perfect addition to any adventure.  But what did 2 of our parent testers think of the next stage baby carrier.


Parent Tester 1 - Leanne West

The carrier arrived in Natural Baby Shower’s brown paper bag packaging which I loved. The Caboo carrier comes in a relatively small box. I was sent the steel grey version which I felt was a very nice colour and would work if you had a boy or a girl. I personally liked the fact that the picture on the packaging depicts a father and child rather than the usual mother and baby pictures on most packaging. My husband instantly took a liking to the packaging and wanted to try out the product straight away.  


Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

The Close Caboo DXgo is very lightweight and I did wonder how this would affect weight distribution. I have struggled previously to find carriers that don’t hurt my shoulders following a shoulder injury a few years ago. But, I was pleasantly surprised when using this carrier. The carrier also folds up into a small netted bag which is perfect for travel.

The box contains the DXgo and an instruction manual in various languages. Despite being relatively chunky the instruction pages in each language are just a couple of pages long. I would have preferred the instructions with regard to the threading or the shoulder straps to show some pictures as I struggled slightly to understand what they meant. In the end, I watched some videos on YouTube to ensure that I had fastened the straps properly through the rings. Once you have initially set the carrier up it is very easy to put on. 


Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

Having walked extensively with my now 9.5 month old baby in the Close Caboo DXgo carrier, I can confirm that it is very comfortable to use. I have suffered no shoulder pain and it feels like his weight is evenly distributed as there is a waist band too. 

As the carrier feels so lightweight we did wonder if it would really be possible to carry an older child in it.  Although we didn’t go out with my almost 3 year old in it we did put him in it on my husband’s back. My husband said that it was actually a lot more comfortable than he thought it would be.  One thing I did like was that the carrier also seems to cover a lot more of your baby’s body than other brands. This is good during the winter especially as you are unable to put a thick coat/snowsuit on the baby whilst baby wearing. 

Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

I felt that the Close Caboo DXgo was of good quality, my baby seemed snug and content whilst in the carrier and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other parents. I will now be looking at other Close products suitable for my baby as I previously didn’t know much about them and feel like they offer a good quality product for a reasonable price. 

Thank you for letting me test out this product I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out the product. 


Parent Tester 2- Rachel Train

I was so delighted to receive the Close Caboo DXgo. I had previously used the the Close Caboo Cotton infant carrier and had loved the ease of use and good quality soft fabric.

The boxes are the same size for both products and I was interested to see how the DXgo carrier could be structurally secure for an older heavier baby yet still be such a neat package.

Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

My little boy is a tall, heavy baby. He is at the 98th centile for height and weight. I am fairly short at 5ft 2”, dress size 12 and this can be an issue with some carriers.

I had the Ink blue which is a beautiful rich colour. The fabric felt a little more robust with not as much stretch as the original Close Caboo however it still has maintained its high quality style of fabric and feels soft to touch. The fabrics over the whole carrier are in the same soft material and there are no itchy restrictive straps to irritate Mum or Baby. The style is similar in shape to other baby carriers but without the bulk. There are stretchy little leg gussets to accommodate baby thighs.

Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

The carrier was extremely easy to put on and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  My little boy felt snug and was quite content.

The first time I used this was at the theatre. We had parked the car and had a short walk to the destination where there was no storage for buggies. With 3 children, coats, change bag and a bag of snacks for the older ones I was thankful to have my hands free! Once in our seats, the DXgo was easy to take off and roll back into its in-built storage pocket.

A few months later once my baby was sturdy enough to back carrier I tried out the back-carry position. This was the first time I had ever put any of my 3 children on my back in a carrier of this type and it was so simple. My boy loved being able to see what was going on and pulling my hair! Taking him out of the carrier was a doddle too.

Parent Approved Review - Close Caboo DXgo Carrier

Overall, I love this carrier for short uses. Its perfect for day trips, travel or if you don’t carry often and just want the option, its not going to break the bank but is a good quality item that baby is happy in. It’s a fantastic neat little package which is super easy to put in a change bag in case you decide to carry. I now keep this in my car and use it when I need to nip into a shop or 2 and don’t want to set the bulky buggy up.

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