Nuna PIPA URBN vs PIPA NEXT Car Seat Comparison

by Sophie Peterson

We’re excited to introduce you to the latest edition of the Nuna car seat family – the PIPA URBN. This groundbreaking car seat is a gamechanger for jet-setting parents that takes safety and convenience to the next level.

Choosing the perfect car seat to suit your family’s needs and fit your lifestyle is a huge decision, and, with so many sizes, styles, brands and colours to choose from, it’s by no means an easy one. In this handy guide, we are going to compare the Nuna PIPA URBN to the Nuna PIPA NEXT, taking into account everything from safety to portability, to make sure that every drive is drama-free.

Safety features

PIPA URBN: Safety is guaranteed with the PIPA URBN. During testing, the URBN undergoes frontal, rear and side crash testing to meet the stringent car seat safety regulation ECE-R129, so you can be sure your baby is in the safest hands possible. The car seat also has Side Impact Protection (SIP) and is designed with multiple layers of protection such as a rigid thermoplastic shell, tailor tech memory foam and rigid, steel reinforced ISOFIX connectors, and a high strength handle, which is designed to transfer a large portion of the crash force into the shell, protecting the head area.

PIPA NEXT: Nuna always puts safety first, and the PIPA NEXT is no exception. This car seat has premium i-Size protection for peace of mind and has a 1.8 (good) ADAC test result. Similar to the URBN, the NEXT has all over Side Impact Protection and a high-strength handle.

In terms of safety, your little one will be travelling safe and sound in both the URBN and the NEXT.

Weight and portability

PIPA URBN: The PIPA URBN is lightweight and convenient to carry around, whatever the journey or mode of transport. This carrier is perfect for travel weighing in at only 3.3kg (without an insert and canopy). Its lightweight design ensures reliable protection, while also remaining quick and easy to manoeuvre.

PIPA NEXT: Another great option, the NEXT is lightweight enough to carry while out and about or doing your shopping. This carrier weights just 2.8kg without an insert + canopy.

For parents who aren’t keen on the thought of lugging around a heavy, bulky carrier, both the URBN and the NEXT are great lightweight options, perfect for mums-on-the-move.


Travel-friendly features

PIPA URBN: When it comes to travel, the PIPA URBN is the star of the show. The URBN is the only baseless infant car seat with a pipaFIX rigid latch that can install in just 2 seconds! The incredible ease of this carrier makes it the perfect travel companion, perfect from getting on the go quickly and securely. You will always be ready to jet-set off with the PIPA URBN, whether running errands around town, hopping into a taxi, or flying away on holiday (the URBN is TUV aircraft certified, and airline approved). It is also compatible with one of our three amazing travel system packages that pair the carrier with a high-quality stroller. You can always rely on the PIPA URBN to keep your little adventurer safe and secure.

PIPA NEXT: The Nuna PIPA NEXT also makes a handy travel buddy, while not as convenient as its baseless sister the URBN, the NEXT is versatile enough to be moved from car to taxi, thanks to the option of belt path or base installation. The true lock base installation technology makes set up swift, simple and secure using a vehicle’s ISOFIX anchor points. As with the URBN, the NEXT is also TUV aircraft certified, and airline approved.

If you are a parent who’s always on the move, the Nuna PIPA URBN is definitely the carrier for you. Safe, lightweight, baseless and versatile, you can trust that the URBN can keep up with your lifestyle.


For ultimate protection, both the PIPA NEXT and the PIPA URBN are rear-facing only car seats. It is safest for babies and infants to travel rearward facing until their muscles and bones are fully developed.

Height and weight limits

PIPA URBN: It is recommended that the URBN should be used when your baby is between 40-75cm, from birth up to 13kg.  

PIPA NEXT: It is recommended that the NEXT should be used when your baby is between 40-83cm, from birth up to 13kg.  


Colour options

PIPA URBN: With Natural Baby Shower, the URBN is available in a stylish and timeless Caviar black colour, and features a stunning brown luxe leatherette carry handle which also allows for more secure gripping

PIPA NEXT: The NEXT is also available in the Caviar black colour, featuring the brown leatherette handle to give the overall carrier a more expensive and classic look.


PIPA URBN: From fabric to foam and beyond, each element of the PIPA URBN is smartly sourced to be flame resistant, but there are no added fire-retardant chemicals. The carrier has been awarded the GREENGUARD Gold Certification, and the headrest and body inserts are made of an eco-friendly Merino wool and TENCEL lyocell fibre blend, that is soft and naturally controls moisture. The car seat is also made with Aeroflex foam, which is lightweight, resilient, and minimizes the force transferred to your baby by absorbing and diffusing energy. Every element of the URBN has been designed with your little one’s comfort and safety front of mind.

PIPA NEXT: As with the URBN, the NEXT is made to be flame resistant, but there are no added harsh chemicals. This carrier has also been awarded the GREENGUARD Gold Certification and is made with Merino wool and TENCEL lyocell fibre blend. The car seat is also made with Aeroflex foam to maximise comfort, quality and, most importantly, safety.


Sun protection

PIPA URBN: Nuna’s iconic Dream drape provides babies with ultimate privacy for those quiet moments. The URBN also comes with a removable full coverage UPF 50+ canopy with two positions, a flip out eyeshade and an extra-large mesh peek-a-boo window.

PIPA NEXT: Very similar to the URBN, the NEXT features the Dream drape and a removable, full coverage UPF 50+ canopy with a flip out eyeshade and a mesh peek-a-boo window.

Compatible with

PIPA URBN: The Nuna PIPA URBN is compatible with all Nuna Pushchairs for the ultimate modern-day travel system.

PIPA NEXT: The Nuna PIPA NEXT is compatible with the NEXT system, which offers flexibility with four solutions for the first four years, conveniently using one base for all compatible products.


So, while there are many similarities between the Nuna URBN and the NEXT, if you are parent who is often on the go, looking for a safe, comfortable and reliable travel companion, as a baseless car seat, the URBN would be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. 

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