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Bamboo Baby

Bamboo Baby

Babies love bamboo and that’s why I created the Bambini & Me range with them in mind. The softness of bamboo introduces whole new level of pure comfort for your little one, and the bamboo fabric does not harm our planet along the way!

So why is bamboo so fabulous and good for your baby?

Incredibly Soft

Bamboo is unbelievably soft so your baby will notice the difference next to their skin against other fabrics. It feels just like silk or cashmere.

Sensitive Skins

For little ones who are prone to suffering from allergies or eczema, bamboo fabric is perfect. This is because bamboo fibres do not have any sharp spurs like other fibres.

Easy Care

Bambini & Me bamboo clothing and accessories are both colour fast and machine washable. Only a gentle tumble try can be used if necessary but it’s quick drying and wrinkle resistant.


As it’s derived from plant fibres, bamboo is naturally temperature regulating so its significantly more breathable that other fibres and synthetics. So during the summer it’s cooler thanks to the hollow microfibres and in the winters it’s a perfect as a warm underlayer.


Bamboo is eco-friendly in a number of ways. Not only do bamboo plants absorb around five times more carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and produce roughly 35% more oxygen than the equivalent tree, they are  the fastest growing plant in the world growing up to a metre per day. It’s a hardy crop it requires no fertilisers or pesticides to grow and can be continually re-harvested. It also requires very little water to grow, so does not use up water resources.   


It’s a 100% biodegradable so the products can be composted.

Good for the Soil

When bamboo is cut it is not uprooted and can grow pretty much anywhere even on the sides of the mountains where other crops aren’t able to do so. 


And if you were thinking about cute pandas, yes they do eat bamboo, but not the type used in our clothing. There are about 25 types of panda friendly bamboo in the wild but 1000 different types of bamboo.

Melissa De Pascalis, founder of Bambini & Me.